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The Company

Our Mission

LUBICOM Marketing Consulting is dedicated to serve growth-oriented businesses and organizations with sound strategic planning and expert execution of marketing programs. It believes that the best managed companies and ultimately the most successful, focus on their strengths and yet are flexible enough to deal with change.

As a strategic marketing firm, LUBICOM Marketing Consulting seeks to help its clients progress to the next level in reaching its targeted market, delivering its desired message, and in securing its ultimate positioning and branding. LUBICOM believes in helping businesses and organizations quickly adapt to rapid environmental changes in a technologically advanced age.

LUBICOM has an impressive record of success with diverse clients in many different industries. It has combined sound marketing principles in helping many businesses in diverse industries including highly touted trade shows, effective and far-reaching trade publications and popular web sites.

LUBICOM has been particularly (but not exclusively) successful in niche marketing to specific ethnic communities in its 30-year history. It has also used its considerable marketing expertise in helping businesses secure proper positioning in diverse industries.